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Double Dollar Store.

Our new online store is launched.

There you can purchase online gift cards using your crypto.
You can purchase following gift cards
- USDD gift cards
- Perfect Money gift cards
- Apple gift cards
- Binance gift cards


Christmas Bonus Announcement - 1st of Dec 2021

10% Bonus amount for each deposit until 30th of Dec 2021.

Christmas Bonus Paid - 15th of Jan 2022.

Bonus amount paid to all the users who made the deposits before the end of the December 2021.


Perfect Money is no longer. Use USDT instead!

Dear All Investors and supporters,

We've stopped working with / accepting perfect money from today on (15/12/2021) This is because Perfect Money increased its fees to 10% and is implementing very complex rules now.


25% commission for VIP partners/referrals | Cost: 0

We are in here for more than two weeks now with our promised stable profit for the investors.

We are introducing VIP partner / VIP referral program to join in our long journey ahead. For that you will get 25% from every deposit your referrals make.


Guaranteed monthly profit rate : 15%

- Guaranteed monthly profit rate : 15% -

We are writing this to let you know that our guaranteed profit rate. We see some monitors and investors are confused about our daily profit rate.