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Perfect Money is no longer. Use USDT instead!


Perfect Money is no longer. Use USDT instead!

Dear All Investors and supporters,

We've stopped working with / accepting perfect money from today on (15/12/2021) This is because Perfect Money increased its fees to 10% and is implementing very complex rules now.
As a result, we were forced to stop using perfect money.

What will happen to the users who already invested using Perfect Money?
Your fund is safe. :)
You still can withdraw your profit to your perfect money.
We will send your profit from a new perfect money account.

How can the new users and investors invest in Double Dollar Ltd now?
Simply use the USDT (TRC20) to make deposits.

Does Double Dollar LTD have any plan to add more e-currencies?
Soon we will add Tron and BUSD.

We have been here for more than 60 days now.
Thanks for all the support and love.

Invest and enjoy your long term profit.